Stephanie Caldeira is a Canadian creator of film, performance, visual art, and experience. Using a kaleidoscope of influences stemming from the past and present, as well as the secular and divine.  Raised in the ethnic mosaic of Toronto, Canada, Caldeira constructs her art to feature the catalogue of cultures she encounters in life, spotlighting whatever is seen to be misunderstood and outcast, as well as whatever is unseen altogether; much of this derives from both esoteric knowledge as well as what she is able to read with her intuition. Her art is both masculine and feminine, drawing from the eras of the Renaissance and Avant Garde art as well as the current, developing New Age and Occult study on the spirit. Caldeira also aims to create art so sensory it becomes an experience itself, lacing together sounds of Motown, Jazz and Soul as well as her many mediums of art to produce a variety of sensations that invoke and inspire a desire for self-discovery within each viewer.  Encrypted within each piece of work she designs, you will find fragments of numerology, nature, science, and religion, as if to almost subconsciously invoke these ideas through the use of mystery and intrigue. Stephanie Caldeira is a weaver of dreams who produces collages of the different things that inspire and develop her in everything she creates. 

Since her beginnings in art draw back to her childhood, Stephanie Caldeira has been an active member in many different art communities, both within her hometown and the web. With a strong desire to share her visions, Caldeira has both hosted and managed integrated art events, such as “Blurred Minds”, “Love is Hip Hop”, and “QUEST Dance Intensive”, in order to create spaces where those with similar artistic ideals can come together and play, explore and learn with different facets of expression. Within Toronto alone, Caldeira has been able to exhibit both her performance art and visual art at The Distillery District, Dundas Square, and Nathan  Philips Square – all well-known locations within the city – as well as renowned  Canadian galleries, such as the Aga Khan Museum and Daniel’s Spectrum. While also dedicating herself to working alongside multiple youth empowering organizations throughout the year such as UforChange, Unity Charity, Tangled Arts, Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, Paprika Festival and more. These  opportunities within her own city have allowed Caldeira to connect, network and  collaborate with many other different artists, as she intends for her art to be a bridge  between high art and urban art.

In this current moment in time, Stephanie Caldeira continues her studies at OCAD University, with plans to pursue a master’s degree in integrated media. She is also currently expanding her artistic artillery by gaining experience in theatre/exhibition production. With great surety, Stephanie Caldeira works towards a future where her art can be shared readily with the world, in order to bring about a deeper conscious awakening with each viewer that her art encounters.

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